Welcome to devishi .com

Welcome to cool scool

We are a website that is an aid to study with students as teachers. Guest teachers are professionals.

What do we post?

we put educational videos of English,Maths and Science.

Pre study

In certain courses, we keep some pre-study that is important for understanding concepts better.


Some homework is given at the end of each session in this way one can test his/her knowledge . It makes the process of understanding clear.
Unbelievable “cool school” my son manas has developed a keen interest of learning with fun. AMIT KUMAR


My son is doing good in his academics , I really do not have to worry about his studies as he is doing good in academics and his concepts are also clear. POOJA SRIVASTAVA


Cool school’ s  teachers are good. Because of them, my concepts get clear .I get prepared 100% for my exams. MANAS SRIVASTAVA


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